Top 10 Success rules for UPSC CSE by IAS Pradeep Singh

Top 10 Success rules for UPSC CSE by IAS Pradeep Singh (93rd Rank in UPSC CSE 2018)

Pradeep Singh hails from a small village in Gopalganj district of Bihar. Pradeep studied B.Com in 2017 from Devi Ahilya University.

This year (2019), when the UPSC declared results, Pradeep Singh made his position on the 93rd rank and Pradeep Singh, selected for the IAS, he got the title only at the age of 22, which is very much appreciated.

The journey behind Pradeep's success has been quite a struggle. Pradeep's father, Manoj Singh, works at the filling of a petrol pump in Dewas Naka, Madhya Pradesh, Pradeep says that when Dad used to come home tired, Pradeep was not seen. Pradeep decided within himself that in future he would do something that would change the direction of my entire house.

Pradeep came to Delhi for his preparation, but due to lack of funds for the preparation, his parents sold the house and started living in rented house. Pradeep decided that he would no longer return empty-handed from Delhi. Pradeep Singh believes that if I can clear this exam, anyone can clear this exam. All it takes is dedication, determination, focus and hard work.

Today we will tell you about the main points of Pradeep Singh's success through this article, after which Pradeep got 93rd rank in UPSC exam.

So that you also can achieve success in your life by following these rules.

Distance from distractions :
Pradeep says that you should stay away from all the distractions that lead you away from your set goal like social media, walking and going out to eat and drink, play mobile all day long etc.

Maintain discipline :
Your preparation should be in discipline.It is necessary to create a time table for your preparation and when you create a time table, you will try to stick to it. Set a time for each topic and complete that topic in that time.If you do not follow the time table you have created, you will move away from your goal.So try your best that you will complete your created time table with deciplines in a certain time.

• If I talk about my time table, my routine would start with getting up at 6:00 am and I would sit down to study from 7:00 am. From 7:00 am to 11:30 am I used to study and then between 11:30 and 12:00 I used to eat. From 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm, I used to sit again reading, if I was tired during this period, then I would take some power lap in between. Then from 5:00 to 9:00 I would read again, then between 9:00 and 10:00 I would eat and also have some entertainment during this time. Then from 10:00 to 1:00 I studied again.

When I made this time table, I was determined that no matter what happens, I have to stick to it. If you want, you can take some time in between but not so much that your time table gets spoiled.

Stay away from negativity :
When you sit in preparation, there are many stages where you think  I won't be.There will be many types of disruptions at times.Many times you will sit thinking that the success rate of this exam is very low.But you have to keep in mind your goal that why I have to pass this exam.When you get the answer of your WHY then you will also get the answer HOW.

Always be motivated :
UPSC exam syllabus is very big, when you sit to study, you will think that I will not be able to but you always have to be motivated that why I have to pass this exam.

Keep Your Source Limited :
You need to limit your sources, you should read a book many times instead of reading many books for one topic.

Keep syllabus and previous years question papers together :
You need to have syllabus and previous year question papers whenever you are studying.

Read newspapers regularly to increase knowledge.

Always focus on your hard work instead of thinking while reading.

Instead of focusing on your past, focus on your present

Don't be afraid of failure
Pradeep says that failure is a part of life, our life does not end here.
So keep going in life with smile and happiness without any fear.

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